I am a child , young adult and granny mixed in one 😅. I like Netflix movies. I love food. I like the minions–yes the little yellow people. I like dancing and taking cute selfies on Snapchat 🙂 I like comfy clothes. I love the smell of rain. I really like learning new things.

Why “Harmonious Cacophony”?

Harmonious, according to dictionary.com means “marked by agreement in feeling, attitude or action”. Cacophony–my very first learned SAT word btw and favorite word in the universe LOL–, on the other hand, means a “harsh discordance of sound” or a dissonance. In sum, all I want to do is find peace within the chaos. Peace within my personal life and peace within the world. I hope to achieve this through my writing and photography (a newly found hobby of mine).

I appreciate you taking the time to check out my page. Please feel free to comment. I hope to grow as a writer. 

Yours truly,


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